Vibrational Beats…

1st blog

The intent of a sound, a vibration. The way our souls sway back and forth. The Intelligence of a beat, a heart beat… Beating to the vibrations of love, ravishing the mind the body steps forward moving into each beat, each vibration takes you under and pulls you out. Lifting you higher with every piece of your being, pulling you closer together. Lovers swaying with every pulse of the ocean, becoming one with every wave of existence, freeing all emotion to rise above and transcend struggle bringing light to the night of being. Every sound that pulses through our bodies, our vibration heightens, our souls melt together with every beat of our heart. The euphoric feeling, pulse raises, energy raises, sweat drips with every movement, every dance. Every sensation transforms energy into light, we raise the vibration of the collective. With every beat of music we get closer.